SHS, cs based in Tuscany and caters to customers all over Italy to meet the growing demand for high quality chemical products. SHS can provide the quality and expertise you need.

For over 10 years, its founders have been researching and developing innovative and environmentally friendly products. SHS currently offers a one-of-a-kind catalog of high-quality boating products and is ready to assist you with their use. We are always at your side to advise you and provide you with the product that best suits your needs.

SHS technical personnel develop and distribute nanostructured treatments designed for the care of your boats, bodywork and additive treatments for motor oil and fuels.

The main feature of our products is that they are designed for use in passenger cars, trucks, buses, campers, pleasure boats, yachts, marine engines and other applications. SHS has products that are formulated to meet the needs of our private and professional customers.

SHS has collaborated with experts in the fields of bacteriology and virology to obtain a totally natural product, free of chemical agents harmful to human health: IGEASANIX.

During the pandemic period, our laboratory has been engaged in creating an effective product to aid in the fight against coronaviruses and, thanks to nanotechnology, it has developed MAC-NANOTECH.



We have a catalog of nanostructured additives for fuel and oil, polish, products and machinery for sanitizing and cleaning interiors.


Research and development

Our research and development are at the forefront of innovation, in fact SHS collaborates with innovative and leading companies in the automotive and nautical sectors. Our commitment is to give you access to the latest innovations and offer you new solutions that meet your needs or those of your customers.


SHS quality, efficiency with a personalized service for professionals.


Our customers

Whether it’s large or small orders, one-time supplies or long-term orders, for SHS every customer is treated with care through our after sales service, our mission is to fulfill individual orders and maintain standards of the specifications requested by our customers.


RACING. Products are actual treatments and are different from simple additives.


NAUTIK. Is a line of specific products for engine care, gelcoats and boat propellers.


AUTOMOTIVE. Products allow you to remove extremely light and superficial scratches from paint finishes.


IGEA SANIX. Sanitizing products have been specifically formulated to cleanse and sanitize