N30 – Diesel Treatment for marine engines and heavy vehicles

Nanostructured treatment (compatible with synthetic, mineral and vegetable oils) able to reduce the friction between the mechanical parts.

The nano-structured characteristic of the lubricant reduces direct contacts between the surfaces and increases their chemical and mechanical resistance.

  • Increased engine power and reduced friction losses
  • Better consumption / mileage ratio. Better delivery of engine torque, elimination / reduction of exhaust smoke
  • Reduction of wear of mechanical parts in reciprocating movement
  • Greater cleaning of the mechanical parts after combustion and to the EGR valve
  • Less pollutants to the FAP

Particularly suitable for any type of vehicle to protect the engine, gearbox and turbocharger.

Improves the efficiency of the lubricant with improved performance, reduced wear, engine protection, higher mileage, longer oil life.

Net. Volume: 1L

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Shake well before use
Recommended dosage and use:

100 ml for every 50 liters of diesel, to be added directly to the tank.

For a first use we recommend adding it at least in 2 consecutive supplies.
Then use it every 4-5 refills.

For proper mixing, add before refilling.


Preferably store at temperatures above 10 ° C

This is a product that is prohibited from being used as a fuel or as a fuel.


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